A girl reads while laying down and books float around her.
A demon haunts a woman using a dial phone.
A woman with bright green hair and red magenta skin stares at the viewer. The background is textured with yellow and orange.
A harpy rests.
A blue person with hair puffs stares at the viewer.
A floating winged person holds a hammer.
Blue haired femme stands frightened. It reads "Gemini: the twins came out to play!"
A feathered creature stares intensely.
A disco inspired alien invasion for FIYAH Literary Magazine.
A Black woman enjoys a summer day by the pool.
A crocodile and woman chat while eating cupcakes.
An alien creature utilizes technology to see.
Two men hold hands lovingly. A pink winged person rides a cloud in the rain.
A blue femme cries. Two aliens with wings for eyelashes and antennae hold a butterfly in a glowing ball.
A starry eyed girl comes out of a portal.
A woman reads on a couch.
A winged person is nervous during an interview.
A blue person vomits orange snakes.
A girl glances up from her book to see a ghost walking in from nature. A full-figured wowan in a red suit exhales.
A wizard talks to themselves in the mirror and hears people approaching.


A being with wing ears poses in a green suit.
Full-figure person in suit and bowtie waters the space with magic. A Black woman's tears transforms into chrysanthemum petals.
Robotic eyes watch cyborgs floating in a bubble.
Woman with bloody nose stands nexts to a robot under the words "Bloody Future".
A person carries groceries while walking with a tortoise and grey cloud eating strawberries.
A sea creature stares wth a big eye.
A man stares at multiple picture frames. A knight in armor touches a gladiolus flower and a green fish flies by their head.
A person sits under a floating umbrella in the rain.
A black woman with hoop earrings and locs walks through flames while pointing to her sweatshirt that says "Black Lives Matter".Christmas scene with three friends.
A man in yellow suit jumps from a different dimension.
Aimee hugs a jade plant.
A wavy haired person dresses in a goth aesthetic.
A woman stands.
Two men shown in a smiling embrace.
A green person loosens their tie as their hat floats above their head.
A cyborg glances off in the distance.
A white haired femme glares behind her back.
A creature with wing ears holds onto a leaf being.
A wizard commands her goblins to grab items for her cauldron.
A man looks off in the distance while a man hugs him.
A colorful person runs with flowers in their hand.A winged entity crawls near.
A girl reads while drinking a beverage.
Green texture reveals blue haired femme standing frightened. It reads "Gemini: the twins came out to play!"
A fashionable femme in pink poses.
A purple femme with yellow eyes floats with flowers and leaves. A woman in orange sits on the ground.